Denton Motorcycle Accidents

Whether riding a motorcycle for the thrill or simply to take advantage of a more cost efficient way to travel, motorcycles are inevitably the most hazardous of all vehicles on the roadway and account for a high percentage of accident fatalities. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration a motorcyclist is 15 times more likely to die in a crash than a passenger or driver of a car who is involved in an automobile accident. It is obvious based on the lack of protection a motorcycle provides that motorcyclist are far more susceptible to injuries when involved in an accident than are drivers of other vehicles. The fact still remains that the injuries of motorcycle operators are often caused by the negligence of other drivers or defective roadway design, product defects, debris left behind from roadway construction and potholes rather than by the negligence of the motorcyclist.

Unfortunately, the injuries often sustained by motorcyclist are oftentimes deadly or life altering. To add insult to injury, insurance companies argue that motorcyclists drive faster and are generally more careless than other vehicle operators. Based on this unsubstantiated opinion, insurance companies typically refuse to offer fair compensation for the injuries sustained by the motorcycle operators.

If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of a motorcycle accident, please contact our office immediately. Our firm is prepared to take on the big insurance companies and make certain that every motorcyclist is fairly compensated for their injuries. As an injured motorcycle operator you or your loved one will need a lawyer who truly understands the key differences in handling a motorcycle accident claim vs. a traditional motor vehicle accident. You will need an attorney who will not be pushed around by the insurance company.

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