Texas is known for its open roads welcome to trucks and trailers. Unfortunately, the state has also been branded for having the highest number of truck accidents in the United States. For future reference, in case you or your loved ones get involved in a truck accident, here are some of the first steps you need to take to ensure proper compensation.

Call the authorities as soon as possible

Whether you think that you or the passengers have been injured or not, immediately call the police. They are important in both addressing both parties’ situation and documentation of the entire incident.

Don’t forget to have a copy of the police report one or two days later, as well as the name and contact information of the officers who went to your aid. A police report is vital in making an insurance claim later on.

Gather information

Full names and contact numbers of the parties involved, witnesses, and police officers, driver’s licence number and insurance information, accurate time and location of the incident, and other information vital to your case — don’t let time pass without getting them first.

Take photos of the scene

Before the vehicles are moved and more people enter and possibly alter the scene, make sure to have pictures taken. If you weren’t injured, immediately take out your camera or cell phone and take snaps of various angles and license plates of the truck and car, skid marks, debris, property damaged, traffic, stop light and other road signs, and the rest of the background in the area. Also, make sure to document the weather conditions.

Get medical attention

Even if you don’t feel any signs of concussion or even the slightest signs of injury, have medical attention as soon as possible. You might garner physical or psychological impact later on. Also, a medical evaluation will help strengthen your claim.

Have your insurance company involved, but talk to a lawyer first

Despite promptly paying your premiums and properly coordinating with an agent, some insurance companies are still taking advantage of the trusting and innocent nature of their clients. Make sure that before you make your claim, consult with a lawyer first — just make sure to do this within 24 hours or so. Also, many of the companies that own trucks will likely have a proactive legal team and insurance plan, so try not to face them head on without your own lawyer guiding your way.

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