If your property has been damaged after an auto accident, then you are likely viable for an insurance claim. Personal items such as electronics and jewelry should be properly compensated. Here at Denton Injury Lawyers, it is our job to make sure that this happens. We always assure our clients that it is their right to get what they deserve after being hassled or possibly injured in an auto accident.

The claiming process can be straightforward or complex, mainly depending on the person at fault and the degree of compensation needed. If you are currently at the beginning of making your claim, here are quick and easy tips to keep in mind.

Act Immediately, But Not Hastily

Time is of the essence when making your claim. Many cases can even be dealt with via phone calls and simple exchanges of documents and testimonies. However, the more you let time pass after the accident, the more you will likely need proof and explaining.

Properly Document the Incident 

Take photos of the damages of the vehicles and property. Make sure that the photos are taken in good light, ample resolution, and in a variety of angles. Pay attention to details such as tire marks, vehicle positioning, broken car parts, and the environment.

Also, make sure to keep receipts of all repairs done to your property and vehicle as well as notes from experts and authorities.

Take Notes

Never fully trust your memory and think that you don’t need to write anything down. Have a small notebook where you can write down important details such as the time and date of the incident, full names of the people involved (drivers, police, and witnesses), and the other driver’s insurance details.

Ask About Car Rentals 

If your car has been totalled during the accident, ask your insurance service provider and lawyer if you can avail of a rental car. Most people are entitled to one until their car has been repaired.

Visit our blog again for more information on auto accidents and properly making a claim. For a more comprehensive and professional advice, call us here at Denton Injury Lawyers and schedule an appointment as soon as possible here in the Denton County Texas area.