Defective Medical Device

According to Federal Law, Medical Equipment and Medical Devices must be approved by the U.S. FOOD & DRUG ADMINISTRATION (FDA), however the manufacturer of the device is ultimately responsible to ensure safety of the product. When a medical devices is discovered to be defective, it is manufacturer’s responsibility to inform the FDA, medical providers, and the public about the defect and any potential risks. If the manufacturer of the medical device does not properly inform the public, and medical providers, and the FDA of the defect in a timely and reasonable manner than can be considered an act of negligence and the manufacturer is liable for any  injuries, illnesses, or deaths that occur.

Every day people use all types of medical devices such as a wide range of surgical devices, pacemakers, hip replacements, and more. People use these medical devices with the hope and expectation that it will make their lives better and not cause additional pain or the likelihood of death. However, negligence on the part of the manufacturer can leave users of a medical device at risk for a multitude of debilitating injuries. These risks are of serious concern for those who require the devices for long-term use.

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