It is already awful to be involved in an auto accident; imagine if the involved vehicle is an 18-wheeler. Unfortunately, the State of Texas is known to have the highest number of truck-related accidents in the country. If you are often on the open road, here are some of the common causes of truck accidents that you need to be careful of.

Driver Fatigue

Truck drivers are limited to a maximum of 11 hours of driving so they can still get some rest and have enough sleep after being on the road for too long. After all, driving for thousands of miles with heavy cargo can wear off even the most experienced drivers. Unfortunately, this federal policy can be ignored in ordered to meet deadlines, possibly resulting to over fatigue.

Poor Truck Maintenance and Lack of Driver Training

Having a well-oiled machine under the hood and an experienced driver could mean the difference between a safe and dangerous truck. Companies owning the truck are responsible for both the vehicle’s regular maintenance and the hiring of the right man behind the wheel.

Distracted Driving

It is understandable that truck drivers need something to keep them awake and even on their toes while driving for thousands of miles. However, this is not an excuse for texting or talking on the phone while driving. Distracted driving has become rampant mainly because of more drivers engaged in their phones while being on the road.


Trucks carrying too much cargo will definitely affect their entire journey. Too much weight or poorly secured items can lead to losing control of the breaks, jackknifing, and tire blowout — all of which can lead to serious or fatal accidents.

Reckless Driving Habits

Road rage, speeding, tailgating, changing lanes, and failure to signal and check for blind spots — these are only some of the many reckless driving habits many drivers have, whether in a car or truck, that might lead to road accidents.

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