Regardless of whether you’re on the prosecution or defense, having the right car accident lawyer will greatly determine the strength of your case. Also, hiring a good lawyer who can strike a balance between quality and affordability will definitely help you save on money, time, effort, and stress. Here are some of the factors you need to consider when getting legal representation.


After gathering a list of three to five potential lawyers based on referrals and research, it is time to check each of their credentials. Check their history if they regularly handle auto accidents or personal injury cases. Do they have years of experience under their belt? Before meeting each one in person, it is important to do a quick internet research and look at their website.


You need a lawyer within your area. A lawyer’s skill cannot be solely based on experience. You need to check their win rate, ethics record (Have they been charged of malpractice?), and overall reputation in your local. You can try asking past clients for tips and insights on how they work.

Legal Fees

It can be difficult to determine the exact amount that you will have to pay to get your case satisfactorily resolved. Many personal injury lawyers base their fee on the monetary compensation you will receive upon winning the case. What you can do is before you agree to hire the lawyer, ask for an estimate of legal services and court filing fees that you will need to settle.


Are you considering a sole practitioner or a firm to handle your case? Once you check out their office, find out more if they have enough manpower and physical resources for the job. In many cases an auto accident will require investigation, safety analyses, and consultation with experts. Can the lawyer confidently help you with these?


Auto accidents are fairly common in the State of Texas, but this does not mean that your case should be treated callously. Find an attorney who is willing to keep your personal affairs close to the chest. If the going gets tough, is your lawyer willing to go to trial?

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